Almond oil is one of the most precious oils

Our almods proceed from organic cultivation.

„Verdereta“ almonds gives our oil a unique aroma and a long lasting flavour. Our almond oil is an enrichment for every kitchen. Son Pau almond oil is an absolutely natural product.and contains no additives.

We put Nature in bottles

Perfect for:
- boiled or steamed vegetables, i.e. Artichokes
- baked, steamed or papillote fish
- combining with all kinds of meat; carpaccio, stews, grilled…
- combined with honey and yogurt
- pastry, as a substitute for butter

- 66% monounsaturated fatty acids
- 26% polyunsaturated fatty acids
- Fat-soluble vitamins A and E
- How to use: Shake well before serving

- Storage: keep in a cool place or in a  refrigerator

The SonPau almond oil is absolute nature oil.